This is a story of one of the greatest rivalries in football history - the one between the Bad Blue Boys (an ultras group supporting a football club 'Dinamo' from Zagreb, Croatia) and Delije (an ultras group supporting football club 'Red Star' from Belgrade, Serbia). In the early 1990s, football fans from Zagreb, called the Bad Blue Boys went to a football match in Belgrade, the home of their most fierce rivalries called ‘Delije’. What started as road trip became the war on the streets of Belgrade.

“ZG 80” is a film of nostalgia and friendship, it uses the theme of football supporters and going to football matches as a backdrop for social life of football supporters’ subculture in Zagreb at the time. The story observes the attitude towards the youth and the subjects that preoccupied the youth at the time in former pre-war Yugoslavia.

The time of the plot (year 1990) is providing us with an insight into the last moments of the former country and is creating an atmosphere of a “coming of age” film, while the audience understands this is a story of a time which will never return.

ZG80 - Trailer


  • Director / Igor Šeregi 
  • Screenwriters / Robert Cukina, Ivo Balenović 
  • Producers / Ljubo Zdjelarević, Tomislav Vujić 
  • Line producers / Tiha Gudac, Nenad Veličković
  • Director of photography / Sven Pepeonik 
  • Editor / Ana Marija Sremec 
  • Art director / Dušan Radoičić 
  • Costume designer / Andrea Kuštović
  • Make up artists / Bianka Žugelj, Tatjana Tomšić 
  • Main cast:  / Rene Bitorajac, Marko Cindrić, Filip Detelić, Marko Janketić, Matija Kačan, Domagoj Mrkonjić, Nikola Rakočević, Mijo Jurišić, Igor Hamer, Miloš Timotijević, Mladen Andrejević, Danica Maksimović, Iva Stefanović, Radovan Vujović, Lazar Miljković, Mario Petreković, Srđan Miletić
  • Country of Production / Croatia, 2016. 
  • Genre / action comedy 
  • Status / distribution 
  • Production company / Kinoteka 
  • Distribution / 2iFilm